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New Software Proficy Batch Execution 5.5. from GE Intelligent Platforms

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GE Intelligent Platforms , a unit of GE Enterprise Solutions, have announced the newest version of its batch control software, Proficy Batch Execution 5.5.  An ISA-88 standard compliant batch product, Proficy Batch is focused on reduced costs, efficiency, and just-in-time production by allowing process engineers to define generic recipes that are separate from the plant floor equipment.  Such recipes can be reused all across the production facilities, and allow the users to reduce the effort to develop and maintain their recipe library. This separation makes it easy to add new products to a production line, improve the quality of products produced, and reduce the risk of operator error.

“In this economy, it is imperative for manufacturers to be flexible in their production to take advantage of market conditions,” said Claire Cerrato, General Manager of GE Intelligent Platforms’ Automation Software group. “Changing production often means reprogramming controllers. Proficy Batch 5.5 gives customers flexibility in what they produce and how they produce it.”

Batch operators typically rely on proprietary controllers and custom software systems to operate their batch production lines.  Proficy Batch can help these operators increase efficiency and profits by replacing custom batch operations with a robust off-the-shelf batch platform that results in increased flexibility, uptime, and reliability.

Proficy Batch also offers MES integration with Proficy Plant Applications’ Batch Analysis module and GE's Proficy Process Systems, enabling a complete end-to-end batch solution.  This open and layered approach to software allows customers to select components that match their needs or combine the products to achieve higher value and a total solution.

Proficy Batch allows for archival of batch data that can later be analyzed by the Batch Analysis tools.  This information can then be used to update Proficy Batch recipes so that the highest quality product can consistently be reproduced.

In addition, Batch 5.5 includes a Campaign Manager allowing operators to better manage process orders that typically require multiple batches to fulfill.  The Campaign Manager and its supporting Campaign Wizard, permit the operator to define a single batch and scale it up to the size of a process order.

Proficy Batch 5.5 provides a new Batch Breakpoint feature permitting operators to set temporary pauses within running batches, and perform just-in-time maintenance, quality testing, and equipment change-out without modifying recipes.

Proficy Batch 5.5 also includes: ·       
Formulation support for recipe parameters
Improvements to Batch Server
Up to 15 Terminal Server Clients supported
Improved Performance of Recipe Verification
Enhanced DCOM Support
The ability to run under Microsoft Windows® VISTA operating system as well as Microsoft Windows 2008
Expanded terminal server support 
Improved Batch runtime support.

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