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Embedded Computers from GE Intelligent Platforms

GE designs, manufactures and supports a range of boards and systems for use in defence, telecommunications, aviation and many other embedded computing environments.

Why choose Embedded Computers from GE Intelligent Platforms?

GE has an extensive range of products for use in embedded systems including Single Board Computers, high performance CUDA graphics engines, DSP and data processing hardware and software, rugged switches, analog and digital I/O, video tracking and situational awareness systems.

GE Intelligent Platforms Embedded Computer Systems
  • Military Systems:  Using open systems architecture computing platforms including VPX, VME, cPCI, and uTCA, we can offer a wide range of hardware and software to meet the processing, I/O, video and graphics needs of a variety of different rugged applications.
  • Program Experience: Few companies have a better track record than GE Intelligent Platforms Embedded Systems. Under the sea, on land, or in the air, our experience makes us the choice of major prime defence contractors.
  • Support and Services: GE Intelligent Platforms addresses all stages of a program’s lifecycle across generations of products. A highly technical team of engineers and support staff are dedicated to supporting our products throughout their program life.
  • Ruggedization: Products are designed for use in commercial and harsh environments, with a range of air and conduction cooled formats for high shock and vibration, high and low temperature.
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06/08/12 - GE Intelligent Platforms announces the latest addition to the company’s growing range of COM Express modules featuring the Intel Core i7 processor.
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04/07/12 - GE Intelligent Platforms announces an addition to its rapidly-expanding range of COTS Rugged Systems (CRS).
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28/06/12 - GE Intelligent Platforms announces the release of Version 5.1 of its AXIS Advanced Multiprocessor Integrated Software development environment.
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20/06/12 - GE Intelligent Platforms has followed up the release of three new rugged single board computers (SBCs).
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12/06/12 - GE Intelligent Platforms introduces the new PMCCG1 rugged PMC graphics mezzanine card designed specifically for retrofit to legacy applications.
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