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Gates to showcase hoses designed to cut downtime at AOG

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article image Black Gold cementing hose and hammer union coupling

Gates Australia is showcasing a range of innovations at the upcoming AOG exhibition, all designed to reduce unplanned downtime on rigs.

Issues associated with flexible hose assemblies are responsible for almost half of all downtime on drilling rigs. The typical drilling rig has 553 flexible hose assemblies and even a single hose failure can shut down the entire drilling operation resulting in up to four hours of lost production. Unplanned downtime caused by hydraulic hose failure is expensive but avoidable.

Innovations in hydraulic hoses

Some of the new innovations in hydraulic hoses from Gates include blowout preventer hoses, choke and kill hoses, cementing hoses and hammer union couplings.

Blowout preventer hose

Every component of a blowout preventer control system including the hose is critical to the safety of workers, equipment, and the environment. Gates’ Black Gold BOP hose is a fire-resistant hose rated for 5,000psi constant working pressure and designed for extreme, erratic pressures experienced in BOP control systems.

Black Gold choke and kill hoses

Gates Black Gold choke and kill hoses are used around the flexible joint when the blowout preventer system is on the seafloor. These hoses are manufactured to handle up to 20 percent hydrogen sulphide gas for one hour at 93°C at working pressure.

Black Gold cementing hose and 1502 hammer union couplings

Gates’ 2-inch ID fully API 7K approved cementing hose is available in both 5,000 and 10,000psi working pressures. New one-piece 1502 hammer unions that complement the hose are also available. Gates Black Gold cementing hoses, with integral hammer union couplings are specially compounded for handling abrasion and corrosion.

Innovations in asset management

Gates Sentry Services

Hydraulic hoses need to be monitored for their condition and performance to minimise costs and maximise productivity. Gates offers a comprehensive and effective hose diagnostic, monitoring and data solution called Sentry Services, enabling equipment operators to avoid failures, estimate remaining hose life and accurately identify hoses for replacement.

Hydraulic hose, tubing and piping management services

Gates delivers premium services covering hydraulic hose management, inspection, maintenance and repair, as well as manufacture, installation and change-out of hose systems, all backed by their expert sales support and training programs.

Discover how Gates’ innovations can reduce hydraulic hose related downtime on Stand N26 at the AOG. 

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