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Cost Effective Alternative to Neoprene Coated Phenolic Gaskets
The Pikotek IsoCore flange insulating gasket kits, now available from Garlock Sealing Technologies, are designed to operate in the most demanding applications.
The IsoCore flange isolation gaskets and kits is highly reliable and a cost effective alternative to conventional insulating gaskets and kits for non-critical, low pressure applications.

Glass-Reinforced Epoxy
Manufactured from Neoprene coated glass-reinforced epoxy (NEMA grade G-10) in place of the failure prone conventional phenolic reinforcing material. Glass-reinforced epoxy (“GRE”) is many times stronger than conventional paper grade or fabric-reinforced phenolic.

Economical, low pressure insulating gasket
Other features and benefits of Pikotek IsoCore Flange Insulating Gasket Kits include:

  • Superior electrical isolation
  • Much stronger in compression
  • Much more resistant to stress fractures and breakage
  • More reliable than conventional phenolic insulating gaskets
  • The IsoCore flange insulating gasket has a significantly lower fluid/gas absorption and higher dielectric strength than phenolic materials
  • This isolating gasket uses a thicker layer of facing Neoprene (1/16”) than conventional coated insulating gaskets, lowering initial seating stress, more sealing forgiveness and more resistance to leaks caused by pressure cycling, thermal cycling and/or vibration
  • Meets all low pressure flange specifications (i.e. ANSI, AWWA, DIN, etc)
  • 1/8” (.125” OR 3.2mm) Cros Section with 1/16" GRE Core
  • 1/32” (.031” OR .8mm) thick Neoprene facing material
  • Options: Insulating sleeves, Washers
The Pikotek IsoCore Flange Isolation Gaskets and Kits are economical and provide excellent electrical isolation.
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