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Dolphin CN80 mobile computers bridging the legacy gap

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The new Dolphin CN80 from Gamma Solutions is an ultra-rugged range of mobile computers that are helping many organisations bridge the gap as they move from legacy applications and keypad devices to a touch-centric environment.

Logistics, warehouse and field mobility organisations are transitioning from devices built on Windows to Android-based instruments, and from keypad-centric devices to full touchscreens. However, many legacy applications have not yet been updated for this new touch-centric world with keypads remaining essential for data capture in several cases.

The Dolphin CN80 bridges the gap with a large touchscreen as well as numeric or QWERTY keypads, allowing users to pick the best input method for their current environment, and also be ready for the touch-centric applications of the future.

Built on the Honeywell Mobility Edge platform, the Dolphin CN80 device offers an integrated, repeatable, and scalable approach based on a common hardware and software platform, eliminating the constraints faced by customers today around integration and inflexible technologies without sacrificing enterprise security, reliability, performance, or management features.

Companies often have to deal with time- and cost-intensive complexities when juggling multiple devices across the enterprise. Honeywell’s Mobility Edge platform enables customers to accelerate provisioning, certification, and deployment across the enterprise. The Dolphin CN80 device offers an extended product lifecycle across four generations of Android, from Android Nougat to Android Q, to maximise return on customer investment and provide a lower overall TCO. The device’s advanced enterprise lifecycle tools also simplify frequently repeated tasks such as software updates, training new employees, and managing spare pools.

Key features of the ultra-rugged Dolphin CN80 mobile computer include a fast processor, advanced network connectivity, and enhanced 1D/2D scanning; extended battery life lasting twice as long as previous generations to keep workers connected and productive throughout multiple shifts; and large, vivid, 106.7 mm (4.2 in) touchscreen display that can be read easily indoors and out, and used with finger, glove, or stylus.

Dolphin CN80 mobile computers are recommended for warehouse, cold storage, field mobility, and other challenging environments.

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