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Fuseco's range of DIN style, British Standard Air and the British Standard Oil type Medium Voltage fuses are primarily used to protect transformers, motors and electrical systems. Fuses are available in three IEC performance categories: Back Up, General Purpose and Full Range. 

High performance SIBA DIN Back Up Fuses
  • DIN fuses are characterised by a cylindrical body with 35mm long DIN end caps at either end
  • Built-in back up performance feature
  • Protect against inadmissible temperature rises with the SIBA temperature limiter mechanism
Reliable DIN General Purpose Fuses
  • Fuseco's range of DIN fuses are available with the General Purpose performance characteristic
  • SIBA Medium Voltage fuses have parallel connected pure silver fuse elements, ensuring narrow tolerances of the time/current attributes
High quality British Standard Oil Fuses
  • Manufactured to comply with IEC 60282-1, BS 269-1 and ESI 12-8
  • Specially designed to be oil-tight under pressure for successful operation in an oil immersion environment
  • Back up fuses possess unique mechanical properties required for use in oil filled switchgear
Low power losses with Motor Circuit Protection Fuses
  • Available in DIN standard and British Standard design giving premium flexibility of choice to switchboard panel designers
  • High protection against cyclic and peak current loads
  • Incorporates age resistant technology required to deal with high motor start-up currents
  • Minimise temperature increases and lowers minimum interrupting currents
VT and Expulsion Fuses
  • VT Protection fuses have relatively small value current ratings 
  • Exclusively used to protect voltage transformers
  • Available with the back up performance characteristic
Medium voltage fuses have a voltage rating greater than 1,500V and less than or equal to 36,000V (36kV). Fuseco's extensive range of medium voltage fuses are designed to open a circuit to protect other valuable components from over-currents. Fuseco information and contact details

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