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Fuseco's Harmonic Mitigation products reduce the risk of harmonics interfering with your electrical system. Fuseco's range of reactors, dv/dt, sinewave, passive and active filters prevent nuisance tripping of fuse and circuit breakers.

Eliminate troublesome electrical tripping with Fuseco Line Reactors, Chokes and Line Filters
  • Extend life of semiconductors
  • Improve true power factor of your electrical circuit
  • Minimise harmonic distortion
  • Reduce surge currents
Reduce cable heating and line losses with Passive Harmonic Filters (Low Pass Filters)
  • Reduces harmonics interference to 5-6%
  • Improve the power factor and minimise system loss
  • Minimise interference with other equipment
  • Improve system voltage and current waveform
Protect AC motors from harmful long lead peak voltages with dV/dT Filters
  • Increase bearing life and up-time of your electrical system
  • Reduce common mode noise and currents
  • Prevent voltage spikes from exceeding 1kV
  • Protect motor insulation and minimise motor temperature
Sine Wave Filters protect the VSD/inverter
  • Lower overall project costs through the enabled use of unshielded motor cables
  • Allows for longer motor cables and increase the motor's operating lifespan
  • Significantly reduce bearing and eddy currents as well as stray flux losses
  • Eliminate torque ripple and voltage wave reflection
  • Reduce motor noise, vibration and heat
Active Harmonic Filters for group harmonic compensation at the main switchboard
  • Reduce harmonics to 5% or less
  • Provides reactive current control
  • Allows for load side transient and surge suppression
  • Reduce supply sags and surges
  • Improve efficiency of electrical systems
  • An economical solution, minimising operation and maintenance costs
No matter the situation, Fuseco has a reactor or filter within their Harmonic Mitigation range that can minimise the risk of harmonics hindering with your electrical systems.
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14/06/12 - Fuseco presents active harmonic filters designed to offset the consequences of insufficient power quality in various environments.
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13/06/12 - Passive harmonic filters from Fuseco are designed for the efficient mitigation of harmonic currents.

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