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Fuseco's extensive range of high quality, low voltage fuses help avoid costly damage caused by over-currents.With a rating less than or equal to 1,500V these over-current protection devices are built to the highest standard.

Protect components and equipment with Fuseco over-current protective devices
  • Compact and multifunctional Miniature Fuses and Fuse Holders for electronic, instrumentation, audio, power supply protection and automotive applications
  • Cartridge Fuses and DIN Rail mountable Fuse Holders are ideal for industrial requirements
  • Reliable and economical NH DIN Blade Fuses and Fuse Holders are easily replaceable when blown, minimising downtime
  • Easily installable British Std. Industrial Fuses and Fuse Holders
  • Protect sensitive semiconductor components with fast acting British Std. Ultra Rapid Fuses
  • High breaking capacity, compact European Std. DIN Ultra Rapid Fuses
  • Protect multimeters and various lower current applications with Fuseco's American Std. Fuses and Fuse Holders
  • Reliable PV Solar Fuses and Fuse Holders protects photovoltaic systems vulnerable to fault currents or lightning strikes
  • Bottle Fuses and Fuse Holders are perfect for domestic or light industrial applications
  • Expansive and progressive Automotive Fuses and Fuse Holders are a convenient solution for forklifts, electric lift trucks and other DC circuits
  • Specifically designed SIBA Marine Fuses and Fuse Holders are engineered to the highest quality rating, they are a part of the NATO stock number program and are frequently used in military applications
  • Fuseco's Mining Fuses and Fuse Holders, designed for 'sparkless' operation, are the ultimate fusing system available for hazardous mining applications
Fuseco's fuses are designed to be the ultimate sacrificial element in your electrical power system, providing cheap insurance in the event of accidental or unintentional faults in the system wiring or components. Fuseco information and contact details

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