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Rotary sifters from Fresco Systems

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Rotary sifters from Fresco Systems are available from Fresco Systems Australasia. They may be used for gravity or in-line operation.

These rotary sifters are constructed from Carbon steel, 304 Stainless steel, and 316 Stainless steel. Their safety features include full guarding, operation and maintenance manuals, and safety switches.

How rotary sifters work:

  1. Material enters the sifter and is fed by a screw auger into the sifting zone.
  2. In the sifting zone the material passes along a cylindrical screen aided by 5 rotating single row brushes or beaters. They sweep it through the screen. The material is separated into throughs and overs.
  3. The particle size separation depends on the aperture of the screen.
  4. Particles which are too big to pass through the screen are called overs. They pass along the screen and drop in the overs container.
  5. Particles that pass through the screen are usually the desired product. If necessary, the sifter can be changed to reject fines from product.

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