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Liquid mixing equipment supplied by Fresco Systems Australasia

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Fresco Systems Australasia designs, manufactures, installs and commissions a range of powder handling and liquid mixing equipment, designed to match product types with system throughput and process requirements.

A typical configuration of Fresco Systems liquid mixing equipment includes:

  • a variable speed impeller
  • internal baffles
  • hinged access hatch
  • safety grill; and
  • dust extraction facility.
Construction materials are tailored to suit the chemical properties of the products that are mixed by the equipment, and depending on the powdered material source a silo, bag dump or bulk bag unloader will be incorporated into the system.

A flexible screw conveyor or metering screw feeder will be used to provide a controlled, metered feed into the liquid mixing tank.

Adjusting the discharge flow rates of the metering device allows the liquid mixing equipment to operate under variable powered feed rates, with the liquid mixer filled to preset levels depending on whether it is a continuous or batch mixing process.

Obtaining optimal mixing and homogenizing of products is achieved by the selection of impeller speed and type to suit the relation between shear rate and viscosity of the products.

A correct vortex must be determined to draw the powder into the mixing zone and away from the sides of the mixing tank.

Fixed baffles prevent swirl inside the mixer, causing the liquid to move in a figure eight type pattern.

Mixing times are dependent on the dissolving rate of the powders or on the level of emulsification required to suspend the solids in the liquid.

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