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Dedicated to the design, manufacture and installation of bulk materials handling and procession equipment, Fresco Systems offers a comprehensive range of high quality and durable products. Cyclone receivers are used for the efficient separation of dust and particles from an air stream.

The Cyclone from Fresco Systems is ideal for general dust collection as a primary or pre-collector, as well as a product receiver for pneumatic conveying

  • Inlet pipe runs tangentially to the cyclone body
  • Air and product is drawn down the body
  • Air vents up through the thimble and top outlet

The high quality manufacture of the Cyclone reduces turbulence during operation and increases the efficiency of the unit

  • Internal cone welds and radiused inlet transition are smooth
  • Efficiencies can be calculated when all the parameters are known
  • Larger cyclone receivers can be made to order from a range of materials

Efficiencies are affected by a variety of factors such as the size of the cyclone for a given:

  • Air volume
  • Particle size, shape and density
  • Inlet velocity
  • Air to product ratio
  • Air temperature
  • Moisture content
  • Discharge fittings
  • Electrostatic effects

The outlet of the Cyclone from Fresco Systems can be provided with a vortex box, rotary valve and double dump valve to suit any given application.

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