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Freedom9 issues upgrades to freeStor SBC professional edition

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Freedom9 issues upgrade for all of its current freeStor SBC standard customers to the professional edition of freeStor SBC.

Beyond the already backup features in the standard edition, the professional edition adds incremental backup and synthetic backup to freeStor SBC.

With incremental backup, multiples copies of recently changed files will be kept on the backup drive, while the synthetic backup merges these with the full system backup.

Furthermore the professional edition adds the ability to restore individual files and folders, not just the whole system, perfect for accidentally deleted files.

Moreover it gives non-administrator users the ability to use freeStor SBC to backup their data.

The freeStor SBC software is supplied with the freeStor Mini 210 and freeStor Mini 310 from freedom9 and offers a complete system backup and restore package for any PC or laptop that is running Windows Me, 2000, 2003 or XP.

Benefits of freeStor SBC:

  • Full system backup and recovery
  • Incremental and synthetic backup
  • Scheduled backups
  • One-Touch backup
  • Bootable backup via USB and
  • Easy to recover your system via a bootable recover CD

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