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Kjeltec 8000 series analysers available from FOSS

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FOSS  have announced the Kjeltec 8000 series, a new range of solutions for Kjeldahl analysis providing network facilities for improved traceability and features for safe and cost effective laboratory operations.

The Kjeltec 8000 series range, with a fully automatic Kjeltec 8400 analyser and small 8100 and 8200 distillation units are safe, high-performance instruments, with features to make laboratory operations simple.

With the Kjeltec 8400 model, samples can be registered through a PC connected to the instrument. A simple mouse click sends the batch to the analyser. The instrument can also be connected to the laboratory network using software that integrates the instrument into the client’s LIMS system. In this case, sample weights are automatically entered and all the information needed for reporting is in one place. The Kjeldahl method is the primary reference method for protein analysis.

Kjeltec 8000 series features a new titration module that simplifies change of titrant, removes air, and ensures automatic cleaning of the titration vessel after each batch.

Kjeltec 8000 series has the following features:

  • Water cooling for minimal consumption
  • A variable output steam generator analyses volatile parameters other than Nitrogen
  • A choice of 20 or 60 place auto samplers extending the benefits of automation to large and small organisations alike, even at lower sample throughputs
  • Auto sampler options allow multiple tests to be run with no sample transfer and completely unattended for more than four hours
  • Flexible product range with full support

All models in the new Kjeltec 8000 series offer ongoing support, a choice of validated applications according to official standards and training by experienced local personnel.

The 8200 auto distillation unit can be upgraded to the 8400 analyser and to the auto sampler versions. The Kjeldahl method is a versatile technique available for nitrogen analysis. It can be used for analysis of nitrogen content in samples with high diversity.

The Kjeltec series is designed to attain accuracy and precision. It also sets safety standards in Kjeldahl analysis. The FOSS designed colorimetric titration system is suitable when new standards are issued by organisations such as the AOAC, ISO and IDF.

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