Intelligent Meat Fat and Moisture Measurement with MeatScan™ from FOSS

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Reliable, accurate and easy to use makes MeatScan™ a leading solution for routine fat analysis in any production process.

Highly flexible with exceptional affordability, MeatScan™ can be integrated by anyone within the production process with precision results in less than 45 seconds.

Based on Near Infrared Transmittance technology for higher accuracy
  • Infrared transmission technology penetrates meat samples and measures fat more accurately and faster
  • Delivered with Artificial Neural Network calibration for immediate use with all types of meat and meat products whether raw or finished
  • Comprehensive database research of over 20,000 meat samples collected over decades of industry development
Standardising your products with product control
  • Produce consistent high quality products for improved profitability
  • Controlled standard ensures satisfied consumers
  • Regular testing of raw materials ensure suppliers maintain a consistent quality
Precision accuracy with continuously reliable meat analysis results
  • Low maintenance and does not require chemicals or consumable costs
  • Instant analysis with results available in less than 45 seconds
  • Intelligent internet connectivity ensures that the system is always updated
  • Preset global calibration for fat content measurement in meat and meat products
  • Simple 4 step process for reliable measurements that anyone can operate with no prior training
  • Integrates with Foss remote instrument surveillance software for continuous online monitoring and maintenance
High quality with proven standards and approvals, MeatScan™ is CE certified and complies with EMC 2001/108/EC, LVD 2006/95/EC, Packing and Waste 94/62/EC and RoHS 2002/95/EC Directives. FOSS information and contact details


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