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Compact and easy to use OenoFoss is an analytical instruments that accurately measures grape must, must under fermentation and wine, delivering up to seven main quality parameters from a single drop of a single sample.

OenoFoss replaces multiple time-consuming analysis methods with one simple test systems performed on the spot and taking just two minutes. 

Robust design ensures frequent economical use with little maintenance and the ready-to-use calibrations guarantee reliable analysis results.

Clever and compact in size (189 × 154 × 321 mm) the OenoFoss occupies very little bench space.

Simple to use with no lab required

  • OenoFoss™ allows for analysis free of test tubes and chemical reagents, so you can do unlimited testing at no extra cost – just test and test again as much as you need.
  • Simple to use and does not require any special training or qualifications
  • Just drop the sample in the test equipment, press start and in two minutes you have all your results for up to seven parameters
  • Easily wipe clean with a normal tissue and you are ready to measure the next sample.  
FOSS – A Reliable Partner in the Wine Industry

  • FOSS wine analysis instruments and test instrumentation were introduced to the wine industry in 1999
  • FOSS wine test measurement has quickly become a leading force in quality control of wine at all stages of production
  • Through the success of the WineScan™ range, hundreds of wine producers and laboratories around the world have discovered the ability of FOSS instruments to deliver the rapid and accurate results that winemakers demand
  • With the OenoFoss winery equipment, this ability is now available to an even wider range of winemakers
  • Wine processing solutions are based on FTIR analysis technology and Flow Injection Analysis technology, fields in which FOSS has vast experience and knowledge
  • Trusted knowledge and experience in wine accessories is complemented by local presence around the world, ensuring that you can always talk to a dedicated sales and support team located near you
Rapid and easy analysis of grape juice through to finished wines for up to seven main quality parameters, OenoFoss Wine Analysers offers the reliability of trusted FOSS innovation.
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11/10/10 - WineScan™ Auto from FOSS, allows fast and efficient analysis of must under fermentation and wine.
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21/08/09 - FOSS announces positive results from an international validation test of the global standard calibrations supplied with OenoFoss(tm), a new analyser allowing instant quality control of grapes and wine

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