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FOSS liquid analysers are assisting the automation of milk testing

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article image Liquid analysers automate milk testing.

FOSS  have created a testing system with the Olip central milk testing (CMT) laboratory in Zutphen, the Netherlands with robot pipette systems and liquid analysers that have automated the laboratory's operations.

The project started as a response to evolving demands for milk testing and has been several years in the making. Evolving demands for milk testing have included renewed interest in the testing of free fatty acids (FFA) and testing for unsaturated fatty acid content of milk.

The ultra efficient testing system is based on automated sample transport and radio frequency identification (RFID) and allows the laboratory to handle approximately 9000 samples per day in the payment testing laboratory and 40000 to 60000 samples per day in the dairy herd improvement (DHI) testing laboratory.

Analysis results are supplied by a fleet of FOSS analysers fitted with pipette systems for automatic transfer of the milk. The liquid analysers consist of CombiFoss instruments for compositional and somatic cell count analysis, stand-alone MilkoScan analysers and BactoScan analysers for bacterial count in the payment line.
Tests are performed in tandem with regular tests and equates to little in operational terms for the laboratory.

The liquid analysers are subsequently providing a more flexible service for farmers.

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