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The high-advantage DEKK rubber tracks from CPS Wear Parts

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DEKK rubber tracks from CPS Wear Parts deliver several advantages for earthmoving and construction machinery.
Key advantages for heavy machinery from DEKK rubber tracks include high speed, low noise operation, lower vibration, superior traction, less ground damage and ground pressure as well as reduced machinery weight.
High speed

Compared to a steel track, a DEKK rubber track operates more steadily and rapidly, adjusting to various kinds of road conditions, and greatly increasing the operating speed of the machine.
Low noise

DEKK rubber tracks’ elasticity ensures a tight fit on the wheels and can joint closely to the ground during operation, which reduces noise.
Less vibration

Superior elasticity and flexibility of DEKK rubber tracks help reduce the impact when the wheels are in contact with the road, effectively lengthening the service life of the machines.
Superior traction

The high-grip design of DEKK rubber tracks provides more traction while the large number of different lug patterns allows the rubber track to adjust to diverse construction environments.
Less ground damage

DEKK rubber tracks overcome all the disadvantages of steel tracks such as hardness, less deformation and road damage, leaving no trace on the road.
Less ground pressure

Since DEKK rubber tracks can joint closely to the road, the pressure is even, minimising ground pressure and keeping the machine steady during operation.
Light machinery weight

Being lighter than steel tracks of the same size, DEKK rubber tracks will greatly reduce the machinery weight and save energy.

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