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Heavy Duty Transmission Filters
Whether the filter is cartridge style or spin-on style, WIX fluid-power filters utilize heavy-gauge steel componentry that is tin plated to resist corrosion. WIX filters’ centre tubes are spiral wound for consistent internal structural integrity. The base plates of WIX spin-on-style filters contain optimized inlet-hole geometry and rolled, internal threads for strength and easy installation. Our customers can be assured that when they purchase a WIX brand fluid-power filter, the media used in the filter is specifically designed for the application, and it will perform to their expectations. Complete media performance information, as prescribed by current SAE/ISO Beta Ratio testing methods, is either on the filter itself or available upon request.

Hydraulic Filters
Fluid power applications are growing at a very rapid rate. WIX is constantly researching these applications and adding new products to meet our customers’ needs. WIX’s newest product offering is a line of industrial hydraulic filters. Whether your fluid-power filtration needs are for mobile or industrial applications, CPS Wear Parts is your source for hydraulic filters.

Coolant Filters
Fifty-three percent of all catastrophic, premature diesel engine failures are directly related to improper cooling system maintenance techniques and habits. Using the correct water, antifreeze and supplemental coolant additives in cooling systems is more critical than ever to insure trouble-free service life. Heavy Duty cooling system manufacturers’ maintenance recommendations, maintenance techniques and filtration product availabilities have dramatically changed over the past several years. WIX has been very successful in keeping pace with the changes that directly affect their coolant-filtration products and the cooling system additives we offer. In addition, CPS has several services to help our customers properly test and service their Heavy Duty cooling systems.

Air Filters
Why choose WIX heavy duty air filters over competitive filters? Because WIX has done its homework when it comes to air fi ltration. It takes only eight ounces of dirt to destroy a heavy duty engine. The typical off-road vehicle is exposed to 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 tons of airborne dirt each year, meaning first-rate air filtration is critical to the life of the engine. That’s why WIX heavy duty air filters are designed to take that protection to new levels.

Fuel Filters
No matter what size or horsepower rating your engine is, the fuel that powers it can be filled with contaminants like dirt, rust, scale, algae and of course, water. This contamination can rob your engine of power and even cause fuel system failures. CPS offers high-quality, high-efficiency fuel filters and a complete line of fuel/water separators for your whole fleet.

Oil Filters
Oil is the lifeblood of any vehicle, and this holds particularly true of on- and off-road heavy duty equipment. Many operators spend hours deciding what oil they are going to use and tend to take their oil filtration for granted, however, this small and inexpensive portion of their overall system plays a vital role in protecting engines from premature wear and potential failure.

We make it easy. Choose WIX heavy duty oil filters and rest assured that their commitment to continued research and development has taken all the guesswork out of choosing the right filter for your fleet, agricultural or off-road application. And if there’s any doubt, just look at all the technology that is inside.

WOT Kits (WIX Oil Test)

CPS Wear Parts has introduced Used Oil Analysis, a powerful weapon in maintenance armoury. Utilising trending techniques by closely monitoring changes in the concentration of metals and other contaminants collected by oil, condition monitoring can provide early warning of the many potential problems. The results gained from oil analysis are imperative in recognising and preventing costly failures before they happen. CPS Wear Parts has approved SGS as the preferred laboratory to deliver this vital service. SGS is the world’s leading inspection, verifi cation, testing and certification company.
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07/12/11 - CPS Wear Parts offers WIX heavy duty oil filters for a wide range of vehicles in fleet, agricultural or off-road applications.

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