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Remote valve operating system

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NEW from Fortress Systems and Smith Flow Control is the Flexi-Drive, a device for the remote operation of valves in hard to reach or hazardous locations.

Developed in association with the United States Navy for operating valves in inaccessible areas of ships' hulls, the company say Flexi-Drive is suitable for virtually any type of industry where valves are in use.

Easy to operate, it can be used in all weather conditions and is even suitable for underwater applications.

The Flexi-Drive consists of three elements: an operator station (comprising a geared handwheel and mounting facility), a valve station, and a unique, patented cable linkage system.

Due to the properties of the helically wound steel cable, turning the handwheel of the operator station simultaneously operates the valve station.

The cable system can transmit drive to a valve up to 60 metres (200ft) away and can accommodate up to 540° of bends between the two stations. This allows it to be passed around and through walls, bulkheads, floors and any other obstacles to reach the valve.

A further advantage of the Flexi-Drive is that the gearing system can be 'piggy-backed' to enable more than one valve to be operated at a time from a single operator station.

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