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Resistors and cash units from Fortress Interlocks (NSW)

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Fortress Interlocks (NSW)  offers extensive range of safety products. Fortress Interlocks (NSW) offers resistors for protecting industry and people. Fortress Interlocks (NSW) specialises in designing and manufacture of power resistors suitable for all industries. Fortress Interlocks (NSW) provide solutions for high resistance grounding, neutral earthing, motor control, dynamic braking, load banks, harmonic filtering or traction.

Fortress Interlocks (NSW) offers wide range of element designs which meets perfectly with customer’s requirements. Fortress Interlocks (NSW) offers cash systems like counter cache which are suitable for companies handling cash. If high denomination notes are inserted to the Counter Cache unit, only authorized personnel can remove from it which results in the secured locking of cash during trading hours and eliminates the risk of theft, grab or smash attempts.

Counter Cache unit from Fortress Interlocks (NSW) does not require electrical supply and can be securely mounted under counter by using fixing bolts. Counter Cache unit is an inexpensive and highly safe cash handling system. Fortress Interlocks (NSW) offers safety units that meet complete safety standards and specifications.

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