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Pallet swapper makes speedy changeovers

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article image Pallets switched without upsetting the load.

A NEW electric pallet truck also 'holds the load', making changeover of pallets fast and safe. The Toppy Retriever flips the loaded pallet onto its side so the operator may swing the old pallet down on power-hinged forks then slide a new pallet into place.

Reversing the process immediately 'repalletises' the load. With a capacity of 1200kg, the Toppy can handle stacks up to two metres high.

It is expected to obviate the need for hand stacking in industries needing to switch from imported to local pallets, timber to hygiene pallets or from hired to in-house.

Variants handle drums and printing paper. The trucks are battery powered and fully mobile with electronic controls. Foodmach 03 9551 5333.

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