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Subsea thermal management services from Fmc Technologies Australian

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Fmc Technologies Australian  has a range of flowline products. The flowline product range of products from Fmc Technologies Australian consists of Subsea manifolds, Jumpers, Sleds, Subsea HIPPS, Subsea pig launchers and Flowline swivels.

The primary benefits of using the Subsea HIPPS from Fmc Technologies Australian help in reducing pressure rating riser wall thickness and of flowline thickness.

Fmc Technologies Australian offers a complete range of subsea thermal management solutions to its customers. The advantages of going in for subsea thermal management solutions from Fmc Technologies Australian are that they are stable at high temperatures and are highly flexible. These products have low thermal conductivity, very low water absorption along with good adhesion at operating conditions and are easy to apply.

Fmc Technologies Australian also supplies a range of undersea flow meters. The FMC-CDS Complete Subsea Processing Station from Fmc Technologies Australian has features like CDS separation technology, multiphase pumps, seafloor water separation and reinjection, gas, liquid separation and boosting, sand management systems, subsea compression, templates, manifolds, isolation valves, connectors, control systems, instrumentation, control, level sensor, oil-in-water monitor and retrievable modules.

Fmc Technologies Australian has been involved in a number of projects in Australia like in Woodside Angel, Woodside Echo Yodel, Woodside Enfield, Woodside PoG and Woodside Vincent Development Project.

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