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Fluke integrates network products to bridge application and network performance visibility

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Fluke Australia announces the integration of two best-in-class products to address the challenge of truly effective end-to-end AANPM visibility.

Fluke Networks’ award-winning Application-Aware Network Performance Management solution (AANPM), Visual TruView, and its flagship network analysis tablet, the OptiView XG have been integrated to provide the industry’s first AANPM solution capable of analysing an enterprise’s entire network infrastructure encompassing wired and wireless, application performance and device interconnectivity, and in-depth path analysis all the way to an end user’s specific device. 

Network engineers now have a unified view of wired and wireless performance throughout the organisation, including remote sites and applications delivered across cloud, carrier and enterprise networks. Using Visual TruView, not only can they quickly identify a problem, they can also isolate it for effective troubleshooting, no matter where it occurs in the path of delivery.   

Today’s IT has shifted toward application-centric, service-oriented operations, increasing the need for application awareness within performance monitoring and management technologies. End user expectations have also risen sharply in line with their use of smart devices, mobile applications and streaming media. While end users may blame the network for any difficulties they encounter, the actual problem may reside elsewhere. 

Fluke’s original AANPM solution, Visual TruView was introduced in 2013 to help IT teams find and resolve performance problems regardless of where in the delivery path they arose. 

By extending Visual TruView’s capabilities via tight integration with OptiView XG, Fluke Networks is leveraging its proven capabilities in network analysis and troubleshooting to provide greater visibility into remote network connectivity and the health of all components in the application/service delivery path. 

According to Jim Frey, vice president at Enterprise Management Associates, organisations that embrace this newly integrated solution stand to gain substantial benefits in terms of increased operations effectiveness, shorter Mean Time to Repair, and improved ROI on their network management tools investments. 

Typically deployed in the datacentre, Visual TruView can be installed as a standalone appliance or as part of a multi-appliance distributed configuration, while OptiView XG can be deployed as an endpoint at remote sites or in a centralised location. This deployment flexibility is particularly useful now that the two appliances are integrated. Depending on the problem they are trying to solve, network engineers can take the OptiView XG virtually anywhere and have it share data with Visual TruView, which streamlines troubleshooting application performance and end-user experience issues. 

Fluke’s latest solution ensures organisations now have fully centralised AANPM visibility with detailed local visibility across both wired and wireless networks.   

An added benefit of TruView’s flexible deployment is its ability to grow with the enterprise. While a mid-sized organisation may need only one TruView appliance, it can easily add more units to adapt to changing network requirements. 

Daryle DeBalski, vice president and general manager of the Fluke Networks Visual business unit explains that Visual TruView is the first solution of its kind, delivering complete application and network performance management in a truly unified way. By integrating Visual TruView with OptiView XG, Fluke Networks is helping network engineering and operations professionals solve performance issues through more effective collaboration.

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