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Fluke Electronics Introduces 481 Radiation Survey Meters

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Fluke Australia  introduces a new line of user-friendly handheld radiation survey meters designed to protect facilities and employees with minimal impact on operations.  

Fluke Electronics, the world leader in compact, professional electronic test and measurement tools presents the 481 radiation survey meters for industrial radiation safety, designed as a simple solution for industrial professionals to maintain a safe and operational work environment for employees.   

Fluke’s radiation survey meters are simple and easily-deployable handheld radiation detectors that enable facility managers to quickly check for contamination at diverse locations including receiving docks, warehouses, vehicles and packages to even people.

Fluke 481 radiation survey meters are suitable for radiation detection with precision accuracy on goods, equipment, surfaces and environments in industrial settings to ensure worker safety.  

Fluke 481 radiation survey meters have been proven in use by state and local government emergency response professionals, state inspectors, HAZMAT teams and nuclear power workers.  

Key features of Fluke 481 radiation meters: 

  • Ion chamber provides quick and accurate readings of skin dose (beta), deep dose (gamma) and X-ray radiation with simple two-button operation
  • Clear and quantifiable result on detection allows managers to comply with federal guidelines
  • Precision accuracy enables managers to avoid unnecessary steps that might halt operations, impact productivity or lead to lost revenue
  • Works reliably indoors and outdoors thanks to a rugged sealed case
  • Provides more than one week of continuous operation on two easily-replaceable 9-volt batteries
  • Automated backlight keeps the meter visible inside truck trailers and other low-light conditions

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