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Fluke 1000 V insulated hand tools keeping workers safe

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Fluke Australia introduces a new range of 1000 volt insulated hand tools combining ruggedness, ergonomics and safety for electricians and technicians working in hazardous environments.

Fluke’s new premium line of 11 insulated hand tools primarily addresses the need to keep workers safe when working in live environments. While electricians and facility maintenance technicians should ideally work on de-energised electrical equipment, it isn’t always possible. However, by ensuring that their hand tools can provide the required protection, these workers can be kept safe in hazardous areas. The insulated tools are also built rugged enough to use in the toughest of environments without breaking.

Manufactured using state-of-the-art German steel to Fluke’s exacting standards for quality, ruggedness and reliability, the new collection of 11 insulated hand tools includes the basics required by electricians and technicians to do their jobs safely and efficiently, such as an assortment of pliers/cutters and screwdrivers.

Fluke’s insulated hand tools are rated at 1000 volts, but individually tested to over 10,000 volts; comply with globally-recognised safety standards established by European regulatory agencies to maximise safety in live environments; incorporate multi-layer insulation; and feature an ergonomic design for day-long comfort without strain or fatigue.

Fluke 1000 V insulated hand tools are available individually, in multi-tool kits, and in bundles with the Fluke Pack30 professional tool backpack, the T6 electrical tester, 117 electrician’s multimeter or 87V digital multimeter. All insulated test tools are backed by a lifetime warranty.

Learn more about the Fluke 1000 V insulated hand tools.

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