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Kalrez sealing solutions for harsh processing environments available from Fluid Seals

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Kalrez parts are made by DuPont Performance Elastomers, a fully integrated manufacturer of Viton fluoroelastomers and Neoprene rubber polymers as well as perfluoroelastomer parts.

Elastomeric parts from DuPont Performance Elastomers typically consist of three components: a polymer chain, a crosslinking system and a filler system that are adjusted to optimise seal performance.

Engineered for optimum performance, Kalrez sealing solutions reduce maintenance costs, increase productivity, enhance safety, reduce fugitive emissions and maintain process purity.

Reduces maintenance costs

Kalrez parts help stretch mean time between repairs (MTBR) to lower maintenance costs. These durable sealing solutions minimise unscheduled downtime while extending time between routine inspections and replacement cycles for critical components.

Increases productivity

Process and equipment uptime can be increased for greater productivity and yield by reducing the frequency of seal changes, repairs and inspections.  

Enhances safety

Kalrez helps reduce the risk of chemical exposure from seal failure through longer lifespan and better performance than comparable elastomers in the market.  

Reduces fugitive emissions

Kalrez’s valve stem packing systems can help reduce leaks and fugitive emissions for improved compliance with environmental regulations. With Kalrez parts maintaining their sealing integrity, the risk of environmental non-compliance is reduced significantly.

Maintains process purity

Kalrez parts help prevent process contamination by:

  • Resisting degradation in harsh chemicals 
  • Maintaining sealing force at high temperatures to reduce leakage 
  • Containing fewer ingredients that extract into the process 
  • Providing lower outgassing in vacuum sealing 
  • Meeting stringent FDA regulations for purity and cleanliness 
ISO 9001 quality assured with full traceability

Kalrez parts are manufactured in ISO 9001 quality certified facilities and packaged in a barcoded bag for full traceability.

Kalrez sealing solutions are available in Australia through Fluid Seals

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