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A new dimension in production efficiency

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THE Worcester Controls Series WK44 clean valves from Invensys are operating dependably in processes in the pharmaceutical, biotech, food, cosmetic, paint, chemical and other industries where microbes, media deposits, particle generation and cross contamination can threaten the quality of the product.

The high purity design, high vacuum rating, high cycle life and pressure/temperature rating assures quality production with a minimum of downtime.

All interior wetted surfaces of the clean valve are 316l material with a standard finish of 30Ra. Electropolishing to 15Ra or better is available as an option. A variety of seat materials ensure media compatibility and bubble tight shutoff over a wide range of pressure and temperatures including vacuum to 1 x 10-5 torr.

Worcester clean valves are steam or gas purgable. Dual ports can be installed on pipe ends for gas sparging or alternatively welded to the valve body for sterilisation, draining and cleaning of the ball cavity between cycles.

The valves design allows for a variety of pipe ends including quick disconnect facilities. The parallel full bore maximises flow and reduces pressure drop and solids build up. A simple 1/4 turn operation give a visual indication of flow. Three piece design facilitates ease of installation. The single seat/seal design offers temperatures to 260°C and pressures to 55Bar.

The Series WK44 clean valves are also available as a directional ball valve with two different port configurations allowing the valve to function as a diverter valve or as a 3-way mixing valve.

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