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Commercial and domestic water management systems and pool cleaners from Flowcontrol

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Flowcontrol  is known for providing automatic management systems, chemical dosing systems, pool cleaners and filtration pumps and filters. Commercial water management systems and domestic water management systems are available from Flowcontrol.

The commercial water management systems are efficient in managing pools and keep hourly and daily records in a graphical format. These water management systems indicates the user when there is any problem with the pools and are also useful for extending the life of the mechanical equipment.

These commercial water management systems from Flowcontrol also provide automatic control for the pools and spas.

The domestic water management system is useful for reducing waterborne infections and trims all kinds of chemical wastes thus saving costs. These water management systems are suitable for controlling chlorine and PH and it automatically purify and sanitise the pool.

The domestic water management systems are compatible with all the interiors and surroundings.

Range of metering pumps suitable for handling swimming pool chemicals is also available from Flowcontrol. Vacuums, drum pumps, water transfer pumps and bore pumps are some of the filtration pumps and filters available form Flowcontrol.

Dolphin pool cleaner is a microprocessor controlled which is useful for sweeping, scrubbing and filtering the entire pool. These pool cleaners are safe and reliable and are available with storage and transport trolleys.

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