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Reduce water consumption and increase life of seal with sealing liquid monitors from Florite Australia .

Adequate cooling and lubrication are essential for any kind of seal. The Seal liquid minitor has been especially designed for applications on pumps and mechanical seals where uninterrupted seal water flow is required. Proper adjustment of flow and pressure will result in water and energy savings. Easy maintenance reduces down time. The built-in cleaner is designed not to interfere with operation. It effectively removes built-up contaminants.

The long, clear metering scale guarantees visibility and easy inspection of flow level. Innovative design offers durability and flexibility. The strong and compact design ensures maximum resistance to external impact. The Seal liquid monitor has been specially optimized to withstand contaminated water.Reliable and accurate flow measurement is based on a variable area metering principle using a free-floating float. The various sealing liquid monitor models guarantee compatibility with all seal types. The sealing liquid monitor can also be easily equipped with an alarm output by utilising an inductive proximity sensor.

Sealing liquid monitor features:

  • Reliable operation
  • Solid construction
  • Reduced seal maintenance
  • Built-in cleaner does not interfere with operation
  • Excellent corrosion and heat resistance
  • All models are alarm-ready
  • Clear metering scale

Parts for the seal liquid monitor included:
  • Clog resistant flow control valve
  • Hose barb connectors (straight tube connectors for compression fittings on request)
  • Mounting bracket
  • Built-in tube cleaner
Accessories for the seal liquid monitor:
  • Pressurizing valve for double mechanical seals
  • Pressure gauge
  • Floor mounting stand
  • Hoses and hose barb connectors for pump
  • Check valve
  • Alarm sensor
Typical Applications of the seal liquid monitor:
  • Single and double mechanical seals
  • Gland packings
  • Flushing water applications
  • Purging applications
  • Other flow measurement applications

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