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FLIR Systems offer a range of thermal imagers specifically designed for use on yachts, commercial vessels, water work, fishing boats and cruises.

Thermal imaging cameras from FLIR prevent and detect icebergs, oil spills, shipboard security and other vessels on the horizon.

Portable HM-Series Hand Held Thermal Imaging Cameras
  • Shock resistant and compact, lightweight design
  • Captures clear images in full darkness and smoke, assisting security officers identify objects easily
  • Conveniently placed, backlit buttons for easy operation
  • 5 hour operating time and comes with 4 x rechargeable batteries
M-Series Marine Thermal Imagers for ultra- low light thermal imaging
  • Clear low light images
  • Simple to operate pan and tilt system, comes with remote joystick control unit 
  • Completely sealed to meet IP66 standards
  • Ideal for night time navigation
Economical Navigator II Thermal Cameras
  • Lightweight, cost effective and suitable for navigation purposes
  • Needs no light at all to generate images
  • Built to withstand humidity and water, operating in extreme temperatures between -25ºC and +55ºC
Voyager II & III Vision Cameras provide reliable night vision
  • Easily detect hazards with wide-angle, long range thermal vision
  • Integrated with automatic video tracking system
  • Programmable temperature indication
  • Ergonomic joystick control unit 
  • Automatic focus and zoom function
FLIR Systems supplies heavy duty, reliable maritime thermal imaging equipment to enhance the safety of all your marine activities.

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11/08/16 - Thermal cameras from FLIR are helping biogas facilities in Germany detect methane leaks that can cause significant harm to the environment and workers.
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