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Quality soundproof enclosures to controlling workplace noise levels, Acoustic Enclosures products ensure the workplace complies with relevant health and safety requirements or for the attenuation of ‘annoyance noise’, such as an air conditioner unit.

Ensure a safe and productive working environment
Acoustic Enclosures prevent Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NILL) and ensure a safe, productive and efficient working environment. Flexshield’s sound enclosures are available as modular units, allowing for ease of relocation or maintenance operations.
  • Limit the amount of noise that can penetrate from an are into another with soundproofing insulation
  • Soundproof ceilings from noisy equipment or machinery with soundproofing materials
  • Install a flexible and lightweight soundproofing foam such as Acoustic Rockwool Foams
  • Install lightweight, acoustic enclosure panels to create soundproof rooms
  • Soundproofing curtains not enclose noisy machinery and equipment, it's also easily accessible by servicing or operator attendants
  • Manage low noise problems easily with simple and efficient mobile soundproofing panels
  • Fully fit soundproof doors with panic bars, peep holes and other features
Install Flexshield noise control products for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Pump Enclosures
  • Generator Enclosures
  • Fan Enclosures
  • Machinery Enclosures
  • Saw Enclosures
  • Punch Press Enclosures
  • Sander Enclosures
  • Air Compressor Enclosure
  • Air Conditioner Enclosures
  • Sound Proof Rooms
  • Acoustic Enclosures
  • Noise Enclosures
  • Sound Barriers
With a myriad of noise control and soundproofing products, Flexshield can recommend the right solution that can significantly reduce the level of sound in the workplace.
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05/11/15 - Flexshield supplied their acoustic louvres to agricultural co-operative Murray Goulburn in Devondale as a noise control solution.
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10/06/15 - Metal fabrication workshops are constantly exposed to high levels of noise from multiple sources, typically in an 80-125 dB(A) range.
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03/06/15 - Noise pollution from construction sites is a major problem in Australia today.
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30/10/14 - Flexshield supplied sonic curtains to the builders of a new $400 million shopping centre redevelopment project as a temporary noise control solution.
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29/08/14 - Flexshield sonic curtains were utilised by an Australian construction company as a noise control solution for a demolition project.
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