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Effective sound barrier protection and noise absorption, Flexshield's Sonic Soundproof Curtain provide efficient noise reduction and soundproofing for industrial and environmental applications.

High performance partial or complete enclosures around noise sources
Flexshield Noise control curtains are often described as Sound Curtains, Noise Curtains, Sound Blankets, Noise Blankets or Acoustic Barriers.
  • Improve concentration at work
  • Increase quality of work
  • Hear warning signal or sirens
  • Safe and enjoyable working conditions
  • Increase efficiency and profits
  • Reduce and control the spread of dust and fumes
Versatile and economical than rigid enclosures
Durable soundproof curtains for long lasting reliability, can be installed indoors and outdoors.
  • Weather and UV resistant
  • Accommodate access, ventilation and maintenance requirements while retaining high noise control
  • Install around industrial machines and equipment
  • Clean easily and effortlessly
  • Easily incorporate vision panels, Access doors and other penetrations
Obtaining optimal acoustic curtains assists developers and operators of noisy equipment adhere to government regulated decibel time exposure allowance (85dBA/8hr), avoiding prosecution, litigation claims, employee harm and discomfort.

Effective Noise Control Curtains are suitable for use with:
  • Punch Presses
  • Compressors
  • Pumps
  • Blowers
  • Granulators
  • Generators
  • Saws
  • Fans
  • Any industrial machine or plant equipment
Soundproof curtains are also use to  reduce environmental noise issues such as Construction Works, Earth and Road Works, Refurbishments on occupied buildings, Offices, Air conditioners, Rooftop Plant Equipment and Sports Halls.

Flexshield Pty Ltd are able to come on site if required to asses your unique application. A customised solution is then engineered to account for all considerations and requirements. All Sonic Soundproof Curtains are custom made and there is no off the self items. Flexshield information and contact details

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05/11/15 - Flexshield supplied their acoustic louvres to agricultural co-operative Murray Goulburn in Devondale as a noise control solution.
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10/06/15 - Metal fabrication workshops are constantly exposed to high levels of noise from multiple sources, typically in an 80-125 dB(A) range.
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03/06/15 - Noise pollution from construction sites is a major problem in Australia today.
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30/10/14 - Flexshield supplied sonic curtains to the builders of a new $400 million shopping centre redevelopment project as a temporary noise control solution.
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29/08/14 - Flexshield sonic curtains were utilised by an Australian construction company as a noise control solution for a demolition project.
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