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Flexshield installs noise control curtains for generator hall on remote island

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Noise control solutions manufacturer Flexshield designed, manufactured and installed Sonic Curtain acoustic screens to soundproof generators on a remote island.

Generators are noisy machines that can create problems for people being serviced by the generated power as well as the personnel maintaining or servicing the equipment. Noise control measures for generators can differ from project to project with some requiring full drop over acoustic canopies with others needing only simple acoustic barriers.

The Palm Island power station, which is the only source of electricity to the island, is run by a bank of several generators that are required to be operational 24/7. The noise needed to be brought down to a safe level for the power station operators while performing maintenance and other duties. Close acoustic canopies were not a practical solution without very large ventilation and cooling systems due to the hot climate of the location.

Flexshield’s Sonic Curtain acoustic screens were installed between each generator. The noise control screens were manufactured in a concertina curtain style allowing full access. The noise control curtains are fully drawn when the maintenance crew begins work on any one generator to provide complete acoustic isolation from the adjoining operational generators.

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