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FlexLink Systems is offering Pharmasuite process management software

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article image Pharmasuite process management software from FlexLink Systems.

Pharmasuite from FlexLink Systems is business process software that facilitates production control, management and paperless EBR and eDHR and integrates ERP and factory automation networks.

Suitable for assembly to test, packaging and final release, inspection, test, repairing and packing applications, the platform encompasses manual and automatic production.

The business process software places high requirements on productivity and cost effectiveness through securing constant material flow and balancing the load of working stations.

FlexLink Systems’ Pharmasuite performs general MES objectives and features sequenced real-time control through integrated quality control.

The business process software detects deviations at the source and stops processes until the error is amended. The platform also increases yield and FTT.

Pharmasuite simplifies management and other functions through promoting a fully paperless production process, replacing SOP’s and digitalising deviations handling. The process management software also reduces the final release lead time and effort.

The software can be interfaced to physical control units, for example conveyors and complies with regulatory requirements.

Further features include access control on key level and granular data enabling statistics and continuous improvement. The process management software also supports ER/ES CFR 21 Part 11 and includes RFID and barcode support.

Pharmasuite is a modular designed standardised platform however enables customisation.

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