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Forklift speed alert monitor

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article image The Datatron Industrial Speed Alert.

FLEXIBLE Drive Agencies has developed a cost-effective solution to assist in the control of speeding forklifts and other mobile plant.

The Datatron Industrial Speed Alert (Part Number: ELB100) is a microprocessor based speed indicator, designed specially for use in mobile equipment.

The monitor, which is easily attached to a forklift, has a backlit display that provides drivers with a constant update of their speed.

The unit is housed in a small weather resistant case, making this ideal for equipment that is used outdoors.

The monitor has two adjustable alarm points that can be set to a predetermined speed limit and connected to two external alarms (for example, choose from a dash light, horn, siren or flashing light).

When the vehicle exceeds the set speed limit, it activates an alarm or warning device.

One alarm can be used to alert the driver when the forklift is close to the speed limit.

A second, different alarm, can then warn pedestrians and management when the forklift is speeding.

These alarms will continue until the vehicle speed falls below the specified speed limit.

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