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Next Generation Secondary Belt Cleaners with Cartridge Released by Flexco

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article image Removal of the Service Advantage Cartridge in Flexco’s MHS Secondary Cleaner is easily done by one operator from one side of the conveyor

Flexco (Aust)  supplies a range of advanced secondary belt cleaners designed to reduce downtime and minimise use of resources during servicing in conveyor belt operations.  

Servicing secondary conveyor belt cleaners has been made easier with the introduction of a solution pioneered by Flexco: a slide-out cartridge.  

The patent-pending Mineline MHS secondary cleaners with Service Advantage Cartridge are the next generation of belt cleaners with slide-out cartridges.  

According to Chris Bayliss, managing director, MHS conveyor belt cleaners with Service Advantage Cartridge are not only easy to remove but only require one operator to do this from one side of the conveyor or chute wall.  

When the pin is removed, the cartridge easily slides out with the help of a simple cartridge removal tool, which is stored in the pole for convenient access when needed.    

Replacement is done easily and safely in a matter of minutes, and multiple cartridges can be replaced during the same maintenance period. The cartridges can also be easily refurbished onsite.  

The slide-out service makes this cleaner ideal for use in space-constrained locations, enhancing safety by eliminating the need for operators to crawl under the conveyor or get into dangerous spaces.  

During maintenance, the cartridge’s interface with the pole is minimal, which reduces the possibility of corrosion and fusing with the pole.    

The cartridge is equipped with hard-wearing carbide-tipped blades for use with mechanical belt splices, promoting longer wear and efficient cleaning. V-tips are also available for use with vulcanised belts.  

The patented PowerFlex segmented cushion design has two tensioning elements for independent control adjustment of each blade to the belt for complete cleaning.  

The visual tension-check feature of the spring tensioner makes it easy to check the blade tension and return the blades to optimal tension if required.  

Designed for use in a variety of applications, the cartridge and pole are built to withstand aggressive working environments as well as the demands of high duty cycles and high speed beltlines.  

The MHS secondary belt cleaners with Service Advantage Cartridge come in a variety of sizes to fit belt widths from 600mm to 1800mm.

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