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Flexco FRAS approved Mineline MHCP cartridge precleaners save replacement downtime

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article image FRAS approved Flexco Mineline MHCP Heavy-Duty Cartridge Precleaner
Flexco (Aust)  introduces the new FRAS approved Mineline MHCP cartridge precleaners, a new range of belt cleaners designed to reduce replacement downtime in mining environments.

Heavy duty belt cleaners take a lot of abuse, especially in corrosive environments such as those found in underground mines. Replacing the blades in these belt cleaners is a cumbersome task that not only takes up time but more resources than necessary.

Flexco’s Mineline MHCP cartridge precleaners have been developed to reduce unnecessary downtime and use less operator time, while providing for tough underground mining environments.

The FRAS approved Mineline MHCP heavy duty cartridge precleaners feature stainless steel construction for greater corrosion resistance.

The cartridge blade can be removed easily by a single person. New blades can be installed in an old cartridge to replace worn blades.

Key features of Mineline MHCP heavy duty cartridge precleaners:
  • Fitted with segmented SuperShear blades developed to take extreme conditions
  • Maintains a constant cleaning force to provide even wear
  • Specially-designed force distributor vents store tension and allow each blade to move independently from one another and maintain blade contact
  • Self-adjusting SuperShear blades maintain continuous contact across the entire belt width
  • Blades can be segmented to enable the user to adjust the number of blades to cover the belt’s material path only
  • Dual compression spring tensioners for ease of tensioning and checking
  • Air/water tensioners or nitrogen tensioners available for non-FRAS applications
  • Mounting bases with pre-assembled tensioners ready to install
  • Optional mounting bars and steel plates can be used to make installation easier on open belt heads
  • Available in a wide range to take belt widths of 600mm - 2400mm

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