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Eliminator Chevron Belt Cleaners from Flexco (Aust)

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Eliminator Chevron Belt Cleaners from Flexco (Aust) clean cleated, raised rib, and chevron belts, without the clogging and rapid wear associated with conventional brush-type cleaners.

Features of Eliminator Chevron Belt Cleaners:

  • Hundreds of 50 mm rubber fingers that flick carry back off the belt with a unique rotary action
  • These Belt Cleaners have a free-rotating design
  • DIY installation and quick drum replacement
  • Compatible with mechanically spliced, vulcanized and/or reversing belts
  • Can handle belt speeds of up to 500 fpm
  • Easily steps over chevrons or cleats of 25 mm
  • SBR rubber ensures extended abrasion resistance
  • Special moulded ring keeps fingers anchored to the drum

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