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Conveyor belt solutions for commercial and industrial applicationsOne of most rugged cleaners, the MHCP Heavy-Duty Cartridge Precleaner has been engineered to handle the most abusive conditions –– such as wet, sticky fire clay –– while maintaining constant cleaning  force.

Heavy duty conveyor belts and cleaners
  • A powerful, telescoping three-piece pole that maintains a consistent blade attack angle without twisting or bowing under heavy carryback impact or fast belt speeds
  • Quick-change blade cartridge allows for fast, easy maintenance
  • SuperShear™ blades –– segmented 6” blades with 8” of useable blade wear
  • Seamless interface with Flexco mechanical fasteners due to the unique design of the pole, shock-absorbing tensioners, and the blade’s “force distributor vents”
  • Optimal material path cleaning that minimizes differential wear between the end blades and the center blades
  • Available with self-contained dual spring tensioners or automatic air/water or nitrogen tensioners
  • Extra wide sizes are available upon request

The MHS Heavy-Duty Secondary Belt Cleaner is designed to deliver and maintain superior cleaning efficiency –– even on the most demanding, abusive beltlines.  
  • 150 mm segmented blades that are independently tensioned by our patent-pending PowerFlex™ cushions
  • Each cushion has two tensioning segments – a geometrically-shaped, stainless steel spring plate and a torsion element – working in tandem to provide a self adjusting tensioner
  • Two tensioning segments per blade –– a geometrically-shaped spring plate a torsion element
  • Self-adjusting tensioner that maintains optimal blade-to-belt contact
  • Tungsten carbide blade tips for unbeatable carryback removal
  • Laid-back blade angle for the powerful cleaning with no risk of damage to belts or mechanical fasteners
  • Ability to visually inspect tension by simply measuring tension spring
  • Available in a reversing model equipped with stainless steel shields for belts that travel in both directions
  • Available with secondary air/water tensioner (SAT)
  • Available with two blade options –– C-Tips for mechanically fastened belts or V-Tips for vulcanized belts
Ancillary products

  • Belt Plows (Single and Twin)
  • Water Spray Poles
  • Belt Positioners
  • Belt Trainers
  • Pulley Lagging (Rubber and Ceramic)
  • Belt Lifters
  • Belt Clamps
  • Belt Cutters
  • Belt Skiver

Conveyor belt solutions from Flexco are ideal for all commercial and industrial applications.

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