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Flamingo provide an impressive range of liquid processing solutions including Batch Mixers, Powder Dispersion Quick-Mix, Batch and In-Line Emulsifiers and Homogenizers.

Thorough and efficient emulsification through high speed rotation

  • Flamingo’s emulsifiers provide an effective solution to applications where high shear is required in the manufacture of Emulsions or Colloid Dispersions
  • Efficient emulsification through fast mechanical and hydraulic shear of ingredients, high speed rotation and centrifugal force through a perforated screen
Hygienic design for free flowing liquids in various industries
  • All wetted parts are constructed of 316 stainless
  • TEFC motors  415 volt, 3 phase power, 50Hz
  • Designed and manufactured in Australia with customised options available
  • Ideal for application in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetic industries
Quick-Mix is ideal for applications requiring the addition of solids
  • The powder is introduced directly into the high shear zone of the Quick-Mix and avoids prior contact with the liquid phase which may create ‘fish eyes’ of partially wetted material
  • Quick-Mix creates a homogeneous product through the instant dispersion of solids into the liquid mix through a perforated screen
  • Product  can be recirculated via a holding tank to ensure consistency throughout the batch
Flamingo’s liquid processing systems provide a thorough and efficient solution to your liquid and powder processing requirements.

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