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Flamingo Products presents the DCS-1B3 auger fillers made from stainless steel and featuring PLC touch screen as well as man-machine interface.

The stainless steel auger fillers conform to GMP and food health authentication, and are suitable for packaging corrosion-resistant chemical products.  

The PLC touch screen and man-machine interface offer advantages such as stable PLC operation, anti-jamming capability and high weighing precision in addition to overcoming the shortcoming of packaging weight changes caused by the changes in material proportion.  

The servo motor-driven auger fillers offer high precision location, strong torque, long life and adjustable rotational speed.

Key features of DCS-1B3 auger fillers:

  • Speed reducer ensures low noise and long life 
  • Adjustable packaging weight with changeable operating condition 
  • Adjustment parameter of each kind of product can be stored for later use 
  • Keeps the workshop clean and dust-free 
  • Ultra fine dust can be adapted to the big pellet by replacing the screw attachment 

  • Metering mode: Screw rotation filling traced by weighing feedback 
  • Packaging weight: 10-5000g (screw attachment changeable)         
  • Weighing range: 1-6000g (Resolution 1g)             
  • Packaging rate: 10-50 bags/min  
  • Power supply: 3-phase 380V (or single phase 220V), 50-60Hz 
  • Total power: 1.8KW 
  • Weight: 260kg   
  • Dimensions (mm): 800 x 1200 x 2050      
  • Hopper volume: 50L

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