Smart positioning cylinders simplify maintenance in the process industry

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In the processing industry, Festo has been a partner in providing solutions to increase efficiency and simplify

maintenance. This has been achieved by using our reliable and clean design positioning cylinders. Positioning drives with external feedback linkages are still being used in the process industry, however the feedback linkages are extremely susceptible to damage and malfunctions due to the harsh conditions they are subjected to. This leads to increased costs in maintenance and lost production time.

The advantages of the Festo solution is that it combines the function of a linear actuator, position controller and displacement encoder all securely enclosed within the cylinder barrel.This solution protects the critical system components from humidity, moisture, dust and aggressive atmospheres. The actuator only requires a self-teach initialisation sequence during commissioning, after that it’s virtually maintenance free.

DFPI highlights

  • Everything in one housing - robust, compact design
  • High IP rating
  • High level of corrosion resistance for use in aggressive environments
  • Self-initialisation - easy commissioning
  • Fail safe position selection
  • Festo proximity sensors can be used with additional sensing of intermediate positions

DFPI options with no external linkages:

Internal feedback and positioner (ISO 15552 with compatible accessories) suitable for:

  • Damper control
  • Louver control
  • Clam shell doors
  • Burner control
  • TLO ploughs
  • Knifegate valves

Internal feedback with external positioner (external positioner can be mounted directly to a cylinder or remotely if required) suitable for the same applications above.

Internal feedback and positioner (ISO mounting pattern on face to suit process valves) suitable for:

  • DART valves
  • Hopper slide gate control
  • Knife gate valves

Festo also provides system solutions to enhance the benefits of using the DFPI positioning cylinders, these include:

  • Control panel building for local auto or manual control
  • Valve terminals with input and output modules to suit many network protocols
  • Process valve control

Most of the applications for smart positioning cylinders can be found in the processing industry such as mining, water/wastewater, mineral processing and in the food sector. 

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