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Networking with pneumatic and electrical components

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article image CPX/MPA modular pneumatic valve terminals.

MAKING connections and detecting sources of error have enhanced the function range of Festo’s CPX terminal, the bridge between the worlds of pneumatics and electronics.

Combined with the modular pneumatic valve terminal MPA, users can expect improved machine availability and reduced downtime.

Making quick connections

With a wide variety of connection blocks, greater flexibility is available through a total of 8 different connection technologies with IP 20, IP 65 and IP 67 protection.

Two connection blocks that have been newly added to the product range, namely M8 4-pin and M12 5-pin, can be combined in an almost unrestricted manner with the electronic modules for inputs and outputs, equalling 512 inputs or outputs.

Even greater flexibility with MPA

On the valve terminal side, the new MPA valve terminals offer outstanding flexibility, combined with CPX or without.

The multi-pin version can be fitted with up to 24 single solenoid or 12 double solenoid valves and can be converted or expanded as required - something which was previously only possible with fieldbus systems.

Users can combine MPA1 valves with a flow rate of 350L/min and MPA2 valves with a flow rate of 700L/min on a single terminal.

The metal design of the valve body and manifold block give the component a long service life. Yet despite these advantages, they only require a small amount of installation space.

The same extensive range of valve functions that is offered for all other valves is available.

Features at a glance include:

* Integrated PLC.

* FieldBus node - 10 protocols.

* Web browser.

* 12 diagnostic functions.

* Ethernet connections.

* 512 digital inputs/outputs.

* Analogue inputs.

* Analogue outputs.

* M8, M12 and cage clamp connection.

* Voltage zones.

* Sturdy design

Benefits at a glance:

* Detects sources of errors.

* Diagnostic and maintenance feedback.

* Remote controller for function changes.

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