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Linear actuator that’s tough on the outside and smart on the inside - DFPI-NB3

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article image Linear actuator DFPI-NB3 from Festo (Photo: Festo AG & Co. KG)

Festo presents a new range of linear actuators delivering exceptionally tough performance with an integrated displacement encoder.

Process automation actuators are expected to be more robust in harsh environmental conditions. Water, dust, dirt particles and aggressive media often represent considerable challenges for linear actuators in process automation, weakening actuator performance over the long term.

Featuring an integrated displacement encoder, the new DFPI-NB3 from Festo demonstrates the performance that a pneumatic linear actuator is capable of, even under the harshest of environmental conditions.

Designed in accordance with ISO 15552, this innovative linear actuator combines the integrated displacement encoder with an optimised piston rod guide to deliver high performance over long periods. With the assurance of excellent performance and a long service life, Festo’s DFPI-NB3 is recommended for chemical and mining industries, energy producers, machine and plant builders, water treatment facilities and bulk goods handling companies.

The robustness and versatility of the actuator make it an excellent choice for: swivel motions to control ventilation, flue gas and furnace pressure control valves, hot gas valves and drum slide valves; regulating flow rates and filling levels; adjusting the pitch of turbine and rotor blades; and optimising the motion of shut-off and dosing valves, sluice gates and pinch and dart valves in applications involving linear actuated process valves.

Existing actuators used in most process automation applications still require external attachments in order to implement closed-loop control, increasing maintenance costs and reducing component service life. Externally mounted displacement encoders require frequent readjustment while moving components are prone to increased wear due to corrosion and dirt particles.

The integrated displacement encoder eliminates all these drawbacks in the DFPI-NB3 linear actuator. Festo also plans to feature position controllers integrated into the actuator housings in upcoming models for 2016, rounding off the linear actuator series DFPI-NB3.

The compact dimensions of the DFPI-NB3 additionally minimises need for installation space. A further advantage of this linear actuator from Festo is its design in accordance with ISO 15552, which benefits its load capacity and also enhances the application range. The optimised piston rod guide counteracts the effect of transverse forces on the piston rod and makes the DFPI-NB3 suitable for swivel motions. The standard mounting interfaces provided with the actuator allow users to draw on a comprehensive range of accessories for every installation situation.

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