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High speed picker handling module

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article image More economic efficiency for handling tasks.

THE HSP high speed picker from Festo quickly reins in costs for handling and assembly technology.

With high cycle rates and intelligent stroke adjustment, the new Pick & Place shortens production times and improves economic efficiency.

A handling module steps on the accelerator. Cycles ranging from 0.6 to 1 second, the high-speed picker combines horizontal travel and vertical stroke, including a rest position, into a single unit.

Increased output rates of up to 100 parts per minute and 20% shorter cycle times make it a specialist for handling small parts with typical workpiece loads of less than 100 grams.

Whether it's used for simple insertion and removal tasks at rotary indexing table, or for sorting tasks at transfer systems - thanks to its compact design, the high-speed picker keeps the pace even in the tightest of spaces.

A repetition accuracy of 0.02mm in the end-positions guarantees that precision is maintained, even at extreme speeds.

The design of the new handling module allows for more freedom of movement. In contrast to most curve-driven systems, the HPS is not constructed for rigid movement kinetics. Only the centre bit of the three-part link is fixed on the aluminium profile.

Both sides of the cam track can be moved individually and the strokes along the Y-axis can be set independently of each other.

An additional stroke adjustment along the Z-axis enables independent height offset of Pick & Place Positions. Level differences between rotary indexing tables and transfer systems can thus be quickly and easily incorporated.

The HSP also gets off to a quick start when it comes to system design, commissioning and assembly: Delivered preassembled and ready to install - with an appropriate installation package if required - it eliminates the need to assemble axes, adapter plates and installation components.

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