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DNCE electromechanical rod actuators available from Festo

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article image The Festo DNCE electromechanical rod actuator

Festo has recently announced the expansion of its broad line of electromechanical actuators to now include the new electromechanical rod actuators, DNCE.

The DNCE electromechanical rod actuator is a screw-driven linear actuator with a nonrotating round piston rod. For conversions from pneumatic to electromechanical automation, the DNCE is a drop-in replacement for the Festo DNC and other pneumatic cylinders based on ISO standard 6431.

DNCE electromechanical rod actuators provide high precision and flexibility, which makes them an ideal motion control solution for applications where positioning accuracy is critical.

Able to be supplied as either a stand alone mechanical axis to be mounted to a Festo or third party motor or as part of a complete Festo solution integrated with an MTR-DCI intelligent motor and controller, the DNCE electromechanical rod actuator is offered with a lead screw or ball screw to satisfy a range of performance requirements.

The ball screw-driven DNCE electromechanical rod actuator provides higher precision and repeatability, higher feed velocities, and longer duty cycles than pneumatic actuators. The lead screw driven DNCE is self-braking for safety. Repeatability of the ball screw driven actuator is - +/- 0.02mm, while that of the lead screw is - +/- 0.07mm.

Key features of the new DNCE electromechanical rod actuator include:

  • motor mounting can be configured axially (A) or as a reverse parallel mount (U) for limited space requirements
  • proximity sensors mount easily into sensor slots
  • standard and custom stroke lengths available up to 600mm.

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