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All-inclusive turnkey pneumatics

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AS a cost-effective and fast alternative to user-built solutions, Festo is now offering turnkey packages of pneumatic systems and subsystems, all from a single source.

Festo is the only pneumatics supplier with a service of this kind, which it has been offering for more than 25 years.

Pre-tested, supplied together with all relevant design data and circuit diagrams and a comprehensive functional and price guarantee, these packages provide a faster route from an initial idea to a working machine and help to keep production costs as low as possible.

In all kinds of cases, from control blocks on mounting plates to pneumatic controllers, service-unit combinations, control cabinets, cylinder/valve combinations and standard handling devices, turnkey pneumatics makes it easy to produce numerous common automation solutions.

To replace the laborious process of buying numerous individual components, Festo offers ready-assembled sub-systems precisely matched to a given application, featuring Festo's convenient plug and work principle.

The service involves more than simply connecting components together: If a subsystem cannot be produced from standard products, individually-produced special designs are used.

The resulting systems are fully assembled and tested and delivered straight to the customer's machines. If desired, they can also be integrated into customers' overall systems.

All components used are state of the art and perfectly matched to one another and are backed by a comprehensive functional guarantee for components and the overall system which ensures optimum machine availability and productivity.

Turnkey pneumatics not only improves system availability but also offers potentials for savings.

For example, during the design phase, turnkey solutions reduce the workload of customers' specialist personnel, thus keeping down in-house design work and costs.

All data and general assembly drawings relating to a given pneumatic system are included with this at no additional charge in the form of DXF/AutoCAD files.

In the logistics area, turnkey pneumatics simplify the purchasing process and reduce storage and transport - thanks to single sourcing and the fact that a complete order can be handled under just one part number.

Further benefits are that the packages are ready for immediate installation and that all documentation is included.

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