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Product Highlights: Optimising space and improving efficiency with Metalsistem industrial storage systems

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article image Metalsistem storage systems find wide use in industrial applications
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In an ongoing series on Ferret.com.au , we have been focussing on the product offerings of a variety of companies listed on the site, and how these specific solutions can assist in improving productivity, reducing costs and enhancing customer satisfaction.

One product area that is applicable to most businesses operating in the manufacturing and industrial sector is storage. Here, we round up a series of articles discussing storage and shelving solutions provided by Metalsistem Australia designed to cater to any and all storage and warehousing needs.

Industrial storage and shelving systems for light and medium duty applications
We begin the series by looking at three shelving solutions supplied by Metalsistem for the storage of light goods. The Super 1-2-3 series is an extremely versatile shelving system suitable for a variety of applications, while the Unirack system is designed specifically to solve common problems associated with loose accessories.

The company's Super Inox system hinders the formation of condensation or water stagnation, making it ideal for applications in the food industry, pharmaceutical and chemical sectors.

Light to medium duty cantilever racking and long span shelving
Continuing with a focus on light to medium storage applications, we discuss the Supercant cantilever racking system, which can be used up to heights of 4,000mm, and Metalsistem's TS-3 long span shelving, which is well suited to use as archive shelving, as well as providing storage for manually handled products in high density storage applications.

Pallet racking solutions for heavy duty industrial applications
Moving on to more robust storage solutions that are capable of holding in excess of several tons per frame section, we here focus on two pallet racking systems developed by Metalsistem.

The Super 4-5-6 series was developed to satisfy heavy duty pallet racking and automated storage requirements, and can be used to construct mezzanine storage areas. It is also suitable for drive-in installations.

The SuperBuild pallet racking system is available in three variants with load bearing capacities ranging from 7.5 to 15 tons. It is also well suited to drive-in installations, and is fully compatible with Metalsistem's UniBuild system.

Heavy duty pallet racking, shelving and cantilever racking
We end our discussion with a look at the UniBuild heavy duty pallet racking system and UniCant cantilever racking.

In addition to being fully compatible with the SuperBuild system, the UniBuild pallet racking system is light, sturdy and modular, making it easily upgradeable as storage requirements change.

UniCant cantilever racking is a heavy duty cantilever system used to store objects of varying lengths and bulk. It is designed to maximise both the available space between levels and their load bearing capacity without compromising the safety of the installation.

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