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Overcoming carrier contract complexity with cloud based management software

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CargoSphere introduces SUDS, or the Smart Upload and Diagnostic Solution designed to automate carrier contract and amendment management and processing with smart, diagnostic mapping intelligence for a faster, streamlined workflow.

CargoSphere is a leading, cloud-based global rate management solution and confidential rate mesh network for the ocean and air transportation, and logistics industries.

The global shipping industry is constantly burdened by dense carrier contracts with pages and pages of pricing and countless amendments. With contracts having 100+ amendments in one year, current industry template-based solutions simply aren’t meeting the needs of the industry.

In response to the critical need to streamline this extremely inefficient process, CargoSphere developed SUDS to help shippers, logistics service providers and carriers manage contracts more efficiently and with greater accuracy. With SUDS, companies can assert better management control of their contract pricing and achieve greater internal accountability. Entire contracts that contain thousands of rates across multiple trade lanes can be loaded in minutes.

SUDS is an intelligent technology that reads external rate data directly from any carrier contract format and loads it into a rate system database. With the ability to quickly and effectively automate the time-consuming and tedious task of managing and processing carrier contracts and numerous contract amendments, SUDS is a major advancement in the processing of large volumes of external freight rates.

When a contract is uploaded, SUDS’ advanced algorithms and smart reasoning extract and organise rates from endless pages of rate agreement contract data, helping to determine new rates to be added or current rates to be updated. Once added, rates are returned to the user through an audit feature for verification purposes while SUDS learns the contract details and validations as the contract is being processed. Contracts only need to be mapped once and then that information is automatically applied to any subsequent amendments and updates.

Debbie Crowe, Manager of Member Services for the NCBFAA-SA and 10+ year client of CargoSphere observed that the SUDS feature saves her hours of time.

Another user, Troy Nary, Pricing Analyst, Jacobson Global Logistics comments that SUDS’ ability to read the myriad carrier contracts and simplify them for entry is saving him hours of time per contract.

According to Neil Barni, president, CargoSphere, a key objective during the development of SUDS was to create a forward-looking, sophisticated solution that could quickly deliver clean rate data and eliminate inefficiencies that have plagued global shipping for years. SUDS provides a new avenue for time and cost savings in this critically important pricing function.

He adds that the automation of the management and processing of carrier contracts enables the global shipping community to have a secure, central rate storeroom that will further accelerate the adoption of CargoSphere’s Global Rate Mesh Network.

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