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New tyres launched for mine sites and quarries

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Yokohama Tyre Australia has launched a new range of tyres for large, offroad commercial vehicles.

Suitable for use on mine sites and quarries, Yokohama’s Y103 series is specifically built to operate on uneven terrain common in these industry sectors.

Yokohama’s Y103 series tyres are ideal for motor graders, scrapers, dump trucks, telescopic handlers and various large commercial vehicles used in mining, public works and construction applications. Tyre lifespan being the most critical factor among offroad heavy vehicle operators, Yokohama’s Y103 range comes with several technical advantages to ensure a long operating life.

The high performance tyres are in their element on haul roads, very common in mine operations, construction sites and government projects. In addition to superior traction and flotation on muddy ground, the Y103 range has a self cleaning action resulting from its directionally opposed lugs.

The rubber compound used produces highly uniform rolling pressure and provides very good resistance to oily chemicals such as coal tar.

Yokohama’s Y103 series tyres overcome a range of problems impacting conventional tyres in these environments. For instance, rocks spilled from haul trucks can be a major source of damage to tyres. Lateral acceleration experienced when travelling at high speeds or performing hard braking while cornering can see excessive lateral G-forces causing rapid tread wear and undue stress to the tyre’s bead area and shoulders.

Vertical acceleration, when a vehicle goes through an undulation on the haul road can easily concentrate and compress the entire weight of a truck and its load onto the tyres causing rapid casing wear and even a blowout. Horizontal acceleration can have a similar effect when a truck accelerates or slows down too quickly.

Additionally, mines, quarries, government projects and private construction sites have a rough and challenging terrain, often in a very tight operating area, increasing tyre wear.

Yokohama Y103 tyres have been designed to overcome these challenges and ensure high return on investment to the end user.

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